Milestones are defining important occurrences in the history of our company. Since 1971 the RSE Planungsgesellschaft mbH has been characterized by dedicated people, successes and new challenges. Those milestones are the foundation of our work today and our future goals.

1971   Reinfried Reiser and Hartmut Stremme founded the architecture- and engineering office in 1971 at Frankenberg
80´s   The office moves to Kassel with 20 employees
1983   Construction of the 1. high rack storage area for the nutrition company Stute in Paderborn
1990   Herbert Engelhard joins as managing partner,constructionof his own office at the industrial park Kassel-Waldau with ca. 35 employees
1991   Construction of Original-Parts-Center VW in Baunatal
1992   Construction of a communication center for the heating ventilation air-conditioning manufacturer Viessmann in Allendorf
1994   Thomas Frauenkron joins as managing partner, Hartmut Stremme - retirement of the Frankenberg office
1996/1998   Construction of Landesfeuerwehrschule in Kassel for Land Hessen
1998   Construction of the Benchmark Factory Aesculap in Tuttlingen for the medical device manufacturer B. Braun Melsungen
2000   Start of planning for commercial-airport Kassel-Calden
2001   Stefan Stiegel is appointed as managing partner, extension of the office up to 45 employees
2001   Founding of RSE Fabrik- / Logistik-Planungsgesellschaft mbH with Andreas Heyer
2002 - 2004   Construction of the Leading Infusion Factory Europe (LIFE) for B. Braun Melsungen
2005   Extensive restoration projects of school-buildings for the administrative district Kassel
2007   Founding of RSE Construction + Technic GmbH
2008   Extension of office up to 57 employees
2008   Martin Hornburg qualified as a publicly appointed and sworn expert for damage to buildings at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Ende 2008   Reinfried Reiser ends his operational activity as chief representative of RSE Planungsgesellschaft mbH to the end of 2008
2010   A member of the German Sustainable Building Council, Karin Knobloch qualified as a DGBN auditor
End of 2010   Herbert Engelhard ends his opperational activity as partner and manager of RSE Planungsgesellschaft mbH in december 2010
2011   DGNB Gold certified errection of the distribution branch office Viessmann in Herford
2011   The Kassel Auestadium grandstand was built
2012   Volkswagen linked up the central logistic structure by errecting an inbound factory logistic complex including cross-docking and innovative loading solutions built in Baunatal.
End of 2012   The new Kassel-Calden airport building planned in cooperation with Bieling architects is completed.
2013   Martin Hornburg is appointed as office manager
2012 - 2014   Construction of logistics center Porsche in Sachsenheim
2015   Karin Knobloch and Gerd Christian Wagner are appointed as managing directors
2016   Lukas Holzinger joins as managing director, founding of Stuttgart office
RSE Planungsgesellschaft mbH
Architekten Ingenieure

Thomas Frauenkron
Stefan Stiegel
Karin Knobloch
Gerd Christian Wagner
Lukas Holzinger
Office Kassel
Heinrich-Hertz-Str. 1
D-34123 Kassel

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RSE Planungsgesellschaft mbH
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Heinrich-Hertz-Straße 1
D-34123 Kassel
+49 (0) 561 5 89 08-0

"STEP 9"
Wankelstraße 14
D-70563 Stuttgart
+49 (0) 711 2 52 78 67-0

Company registered in Kassel
Municipal Court Kassel HR B 5119

Thomas Frauenkron, Stefan Stiegel

Executive board:
Thomas Frauenkron, Stefan Stiegel,
Karin Knobloch, Gerd Christian Wagner, Lukas Holzinger

Office manager:
Martin Hornburg
officially appointed and attested by IHK
(Chamber of Commerce and Industry), for damages on buildings

Authorized Project Managers:
Fritz-Ludwig Moritzen, Andreas Haandrikman

Quality management certified
DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

Member of DGNB, German Society for Sustainable Construction e.V.
DGNB Auditor: Karin Knobloch

Success through teamwork, openness and life-long learning

Teamwork makes us faster and more competent.

Dedication, innovative thinking and a passion for new challenges can be found in any of us. In everyday project work it is essential for us to be able to act independently and responsibly.

To carry on progressing, we rely on constructive feedback and a sound discussion culture. It matters just as much to us to listen to clients and conduct a focused dialogue with them as to promote open and cooperative communication within our team.

We, at RSE, learn from each other´s strengths, a process which is complemented by individual training and ongoing courses. These opportunities are designed to suit our staff´s interests and development needs as well as project requirements. The sustainable success of our office can only be secured by continuous learning and improvement.

The doors are open!